Patrick Edwards

Artist Patrick Edwards will be among the many talented artists sharing their vision and creativity at the Red Autumn Art Festival. Patrick is an impressionist artist who lives in Maumelle, Arkansas, with his wife of 35 years, Robyn. He works exclusively with oil, exploring various subjects, but mainly focusing on figurative work with a narrative, landscapes, and floral works. Patrick draws inspiration from family, music, travel, and the beautiful colors of nature. Patrick’s main goal is to create art that goes beyond just the materials used, aiming to transcend art itself. Whether it’s capturing “Beauty,” “Truth,” or “Wonder,” Patrick hopes viewers will find something meaningful in his work. He wants his art to offer a moment of reflection, allowing people to pause from the fast pace of life. Ultimately, his aim is to uplift the viewer’s spirit with each piece he creates. At the Red Autumn Art Festival on Saturday, October 5th, you will have the opportunity to meet Patrick and find inspiration in his work. In the meantime, you can follow Patrick’s work on Facebook Patrick Edwards Fine Art on Instagram: and visit his website: