Judith Birdsong

We’re pleased to let you know that Judith Birdsong, an impressionist/realism artist, will be showcasing her creations at the Red Autumn Art Festival on Saturday, October 5th. Judith, a Published Author and retired widow, founded Birdsong’s Art By Design in early 2021. She uses oils, acrylics, giclees, and mixed media to create stunning 2D and 3D wall art on canvas and wood. Originally from Southern California, Judith has recently relocated to Norman, Oklahoma, to be closer to her grandchildren and to explore and capture the beauty of the Midwest. Inspired by her Aunt Rosa, an oil artist, Judith’s work aims to transport viewers to moments of contentment and pleasure. She finds inspiration in nature’s colors and creativity, hoping to share the beauty she sees through her unique expression of art. Judith has participated in various pop-up events in California, such as the Cathedral City Street Fair and the Joshua Springs Arts & Crafts Show. The Red Autumn Art Festival will be her first vending show. She is excited to meet art enthusiasts and share her love for the arts with you. Follow Judith’s artistic journey on Facebook under Birdsong’s Art By Design and don’t miss the chance to experience her captivating artwork in person at the Red Autumn Art Festival.