Jessica Laine

We’re excited to introduce Jessica Laine, a talented Afro-indigenous multi-medium artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jessica, who is the creative spirit behind Jesslaine Arts Jess Laine Arts, has showcased her work at various events, such as Tulsa Mayfest, Black Moth Art Market, Sunny Dayz Mural Fest, and the OKC Factory Obscura Holiday Market. She is known for her diverse range of artwork, including acrylic on canvas, clay on canvas, and unique Fedora hats that she paints and burns. Jessica is also a skilled Indigenous beader, creating beautiful jewelry and adding beadwork to her Fedora hats. She has exhibited her work at City Arts in Ponca City and the Standing Bear Museum. Jessica aims to spread her creativity and inspire others to embrace their artistic abilities. She believes that art has no limits and hopes to add some vibrant color to your home. Follow her journey on Instagram at jesslaine.arts and don’t miss the chance to meet this talented artist at the Red Autumn Art Festival on October 5th.