Angie Large

We’re honored to introduce you to Angie Large, a talented artist who will be showcasing her work at the upcoming Red Autumn Art Festival on Saturday, October 5th. Angie’s art celebrates the beauty of nature through a delightful array of florals, abstracts, plants, and animals. Her collection features vibrant flowers and soothing abstracts that evoke the essence of the Caribbean, all created with alcohol ink on canvas. In addition to her alcohol ink pieces, Angie also offers a diverse range of acrylics on canvas, watercolors, and a variety of pen and ink stippling art. With a lifelong love of art, Angie has recently had the time to begin creating and experimenting with various mediums, focusing on themes of nature reflected in her body of work. Angie is actively involved in the arts community of Beggs, serving on the events committee at the Beggs Area Chamber of Commerce and working to grow the local arts festival. Her work has been featured at various art festivals and galleries, including the “Chalk It Up!” An Art Festival in Broken Arrow, OK, and the Frontier Day Arts Festival in Beggs, OK. Angie’s work has also been shown at the Hummingbird Fine Craft, Inc. gallery in Tulsa, OK. Returning for her 2nd year at the Red Autumn Arts Festival, Angie is excited to be part of the event once again. Her passion for art and commitment to supporting local artists and students make her a valuable member of the arts community. Don’t miss the chance to see Angie’s incredible artwork in person! In the meantime, you can visit Angie’s website at