Leena Marie Art

We are excited to announce that artist Selena Glass will be with us at the Red Autumn Art Festival on November 4th!

Selena, also known as Leena Marie Art, has dedicated years of hard work and passion to her craft. She has a penchant for exploring various styles and mediums, with a particular focus on acrylic paintings. However, she is equally adept at expressing her creativity through necklaces and clay sculptures, often weaving captivating stories into her creations.

When Selena isn’t creating beautiful art pieces, you can find her spending quality time with her infant daughter. Although she’s new to the art festival scene, Selena is excited to travel far and wide throughout Oklahoma to showcase her talents.

“It means the world to me knowing others would want my art in their homes to enjoy,” Selena says.

On November 4th, you will have an opportunity to meet Selena and see her work in person at Red Autumn! 🍂

Please support this artist by visiting her website https://etsy.me/3IYIhVT, following her on Instagram https://bit.ly/3oPPPn7 and following her on Facebook https://bit.ly/3MQM9tf